Chemical Production

The research on chemical production systems within the CDS focuses on methods for systematic development and robust operation of particle processes as well as  sustainable chemical production. In this context, the increased use of residuals and renewable raw materials, energy efficiency and automatic adjustement of desired product properties play an important role. Beyond chemical composition, particle size distribution and morphology are of major interest in the field of particle processes. The effectiveness of pharmaceutical products, for example, often also crucially depends on these issues.

Important collaborative projects in the field of fundamental research are the DFG Transregio Collaborative Research Centre 63 with TU Dortmund and TU Berlin on 'Integrated chemical processes in liquid multi-phase systems', which deals with the development of a new class of chemical processes from renewable resources, and the RTG Priority Programmes 2080 on 'Catalytsts and reactors under dynamic operation for energy storage and energy transformation' and 1679 on 'Dynamic flow sheet simulation of particle processes' with numerous subprojects from Magdeburg.

Important application-oriented projects funded by the European Structural Fund (ERDF) include the microbial production of biopolymers from residues of the food industries in Saxony-Anhalt, model-based optimizing process control of biotechnological processes with uncertain process models, and the development of new crystallization and fluidized bed agglomeration processes.


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