Dr.-Ing. Nicole Vorhauer-Huget (FVST) appointed new junior member of the CDS

18.09.2020 -  

By unanimous decision of the board of directors, Dr.-Ing. Nicole Vorhauer-Huget was appointed new Junior Member of the CDS. With a proven list of publications and the recent acquisition of a Maria Weber Grant, Dr. Vorhauer-Huget enriches the circle of young scientists in the CDS.

Dr.-Ing. Nicole Vorhauer-Huget has been leading the research group "Transport in Porous Media" in the group of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Evangelos Tsotsas at the Institute of Process Engineering of the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering (FVST) at the University of Magdeburg since 2018. In addition, she has been organizing the "Ladies Night for Women in Engineering Sciences" since 2012.

Dr. Vorhauer's research on new methods of industrial drying processes is presented in an article in the "Research & Transfer" section of the OVGU web page. Read the German article "What a raspberry has in common with a brick" here.

Junior members of the CDS should be young academics with a doctorate, proven by publications, with thematic proximity to the research topics of the CDS, who already have an independent academic profile and are aiming for an academic career.

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