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Dr.-Ing. Nicole Vorhauer-Huget (FVST) appointed new junior member of the CDS

18.09.2020 -

By unanimous decision of the CDS board of directors, Dr.-Ing. Nicole Vorhauer-Huget was appointed new Junior Member of the CDS. With a distinct list of publications and the recent acquisition of a Maria Weber Grant, Dr. Vorhauer-Huget enriches the circle of young scientists in the CDS.

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Call within the new Priority Programme of the DFG "Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering" published

16.09.2020 -

The DFG has published a call for the new Priority Programme SPP 2331 with the CDS board member Prof. Dr. Sebastian Sager in the programme committee. Applications for tandem proposals for a first 3-year funding period can be submitted until January 19, 2021. The proposals should address a topic at the interface between chemical engineering and machine learning.    

to the call for proposals of the German Research Community

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CDS member Dr. Sara Grundel is working on a Corona Research Project with mathematicians at MPI

27.07.2020 -

Mathematicians from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg are participating in a joint project with the TU Chemnitz and the TU Ilmenau, in which computer simulations and mathematical models are specifically adapted to the data and the situation in Germany in order to derive predictions about the course of infection in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Dr.-Ing Marcus Wenzel awarded the Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society

19.06.2020 -

Dr.-Ing. Marcus Wenzel, alumnus of the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg, has developed and optimized a new chemical process in the course of his doctorate, with which synthesis gas for the production of methanol or fuels can in future be efficiently obtained from non-fossil source materials such as carbon dioxide and solar energy. He has now been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal at the Annual Meeting of the Max Planck Society.

to the official press release of the Max Planck Institute

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CDS member Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dominique Thévenin speaker of the SFB/TR 287 "BULK-REACTION"

09.06.2020 -

In the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 287 "BULK-REACTION", which has just been approved by the German Research Foundation DFG with almost 10 million euros, around 40 scientists from the universities of Magdeburg and Bochum will use computer simulation models within the next four years to make particle production processes, which up to now have been difficult to control but are very energy-intensive, more manageable and thus much more energy-efficient.

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CDS Member Prof. Dr. Inna Lavrik and her team find a substance for the controllable death of cancer cells

07.05.2020 -

The CDS member Prof. Dr. Inna Lavrik and her research team of the Faculty "Transnational Inflammation Research" at the Otto von Guericke Universtiy Magdeburg have found a new substance through application of a new strategie which supports a contrallable death of cancer cells. By combining computer-based procedures with experimental analyses, new insights for treatment strategies against tumors were gained. 

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Pi is exactly 3 - Anything with Math Podcast from Magdeburg of CDS member Prof. Dr. Thomas Kahle

28.04.2020 -

The "Anything with math podcast from Magdeburg" of the CDS member Prof. Dr. Thomas Kahle presents and discusses in its around 30 minutes episodes topics like "Math on the Internet", "Open Questions" - unsolved  problems of Mathematics  and "What is proof?".

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How sunflowers become detergent - podcast episode with CDS speaker Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Sundmacher

16.04.2020 -

Petroleum is not only part of fuel but of many products for everyday use. In search for alternative bio-based raw materials CDS speaker Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Sundmacher (part of the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering at the OvGU and Max Planck Institute Magdeburg) is doing research on how sunflowers can become detergent. 

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