GRK 2408 Talks

RTG 2408 Lecture Series
17. November 2022: Alcohol-associated barrier breakdown - clinical experimental studies

Research Cluster SmartProSys

SmartProSys Kolloquium

Virtuelles Forschungskolloquium WiSe 2022/2023
17. November 2022: Electrochemical process engineering in the energy transition and circular economy
24. November 2022: Catalysis Inspired by Nature
01. Dezember 2022: CO2-free heat supply for chemical production processes
08. Dezemeber 2022: Development of an intelligent digital twin for the prediction and control of the process flow using the example of fluidized bed spray granulation
15. Dezember 2022: Oxidation catalysis in a (bio)inorganic laboratory

SmartProSys Konferenzen

Letzte Änderung: 17.11.2022 - Ansprechpartner: M. A. Susanne Hintsch